Elizabeth Dowling

ELIZABETH DOWLING (She/Her) is an actor and teaching artist in Chicago.  As a teaching artist she has taught classes and residencies with Lifeline Theatre, Creative Root Adventure Stage Theatre, American Eagle, Dream Big Performing Arts, Writer’s Theatre, Free Street Theatre, Pegasus Players, Lakeside Shakespeare, Gorilla Tango, and LaSalle Language Academy.  As an actor she has performed on stage with theatres such as Haven, Chicago Shakespeare, Drury Lane, 16th Street, Paramount, Next, Lakeside Shakespeare, Drury Lane Water Tower, Metropolis, Porchlight, Strawdog and Lifeline, and on tv in CHICAGO FIRE.


What are you most excited about for Peter Pan?
“I can’t wait to spend some time making a magical world where we can fly and play and battle pirates.”

What are you most excited about for Greek Mythology?
“Greek myths have it all!! No matter what folks are interested in, we can create/adapt a myth to explore it!”

What’s your favorite thing about summer camp?
“I love getting to find out about students and what they love and are interested in/by – I work to put a little of everyone’s enthusiasms into our projects, so in the end we have a mosaic of ourselves – a new pictures that only exists by combining a little of each of us.”

How would you describe your style when making a show during summer camp?
“I like to start with what people are excited about, or think sounds fun, and find a structure or theme or plot that lets us play with that idea. We’re making it up, so it can include whatever makes us laugh, makes us excited, makes us want to be there!”

Favorite summer activity//Ice Cream Flavor?
“I love going to the beach!  I love all ice cream, my favorite flavor is whatever I can get my hands on!”