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WEDNESDAY, February 26

Wine/snacks start AT 7:00PM • PERFORMANCE BEGINS AT 7:30PM

Enjoy complimentary wine and snacks before the show!

To continue our winter of Henrik Ibsen, and to complement our current run of A DOLL’S HOUSE, we’ll be hosting a staged reading of JOHN GABRIEL BORKMAN, directed by Justin J. Sacramone.

John Gabriel Borkman was once a great man. Wealthy, powerful, revered. He sacrificed love for success and was handsomely rewarded.

But now, disgraced and destitute after a financial scandal and jail, the former bank director paces out each day, alone in an upstairs room, planning his comeback. Downstairs, his wife Gunhild lives a parallel life, plotting for their son to restore the family’s reputation. But the claustrophobia of their lives is suddenly shattered with the arrival of Gunhild’s twin sister Ella, the woman whose love Borkman gave away.


Karmann Bajuyo as John Gabriel Borkman

Kathy Scambiaterra as Gunhild Borkman

Tyler Sapp as Earhart Borkman

Francesca Sobrer as Ella Renthiem

Phoebe Moore as Fanny Wilton

Jim Poole as Vilhelm Foldal

Caroline Phillips as Frida Foldal
Aimee Caron as Stage Directions / Maid
Suggested donation of $10 at the door. No reservation required.

We’ll see you there!